About This Project

Hello my name is Albert Wang and I am the creator of Arubaito inc.

Arubaito Inc. started as a small activity when I designed WetWater as a joke. I have a couple of friends who encouraged me to make it into a shirt. After a few weeks, the shirt was made, but that didn't trigger my goal to going this far.

After half a year, before Fall 2020 semester started, I felt stuck and was concerned about my future. I didn't really enjoy the major that I was in because I felt that the work was too stressful to deal with. Thus, I turned back to designing and went back to my WetWater design. I have a goal in mind now.

I want to create 8 separate collections to represent my vision of design.

The purpose of this project is to show my love and appreciation towards art.
To study the essence of what it means to be creative and to provide designs that anyone can enjoy to look at and wear.