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Run The T-Shirt With This Code




Bruh.css follows the philosophy of the feng shui in the coding world.

Originally called Bruh.htmlBruh.css is a more fitting name, since the code written on the shirt are in css language. The name is to represent what I learned from my four years in Computer Science, that I can name my files correctly, while hopefully putting it in the correct file path for easy navigation.


If you are friends with me, you would know that Bruh is one of my most used phrases in my speech. I could either say "Bruh" or "Bruh Moment", which can be annoying to some people to some degree.

When I was learning css, the one line of code was fascinating to me.

::selection {}

Basically what that element does is when you highlight any line of text. The text will be any color you want it to be. 

If you did color: white;, the color of the text will be white

If you did background: black;, the color of the background will be black.

You can test this out at w3schools

*Image is meant to be used as an example, not to be read.


So it started with designing Bruh

I wanted to do something called a progression piece, where it is multiple variations of the same concept, with each progressing in a certain element further.

Essentially the idea is that from top to bottom, the font-weight decreases and the thickness of the selector increases. 

However, making this design as a shirt wasn't what I wanted off the design. I wanted to showcase something related to Computer Science and people won't get the message right away.

Going with the display given from w3 schools. I basically wrote out the two lines of code relevant to this design.

This line is to explain what happens when you highlight the text.

This line of code describes the font, thickness, and size.

The font used is Montserrat, with a size of 80 pixels.

It's font-weight is Extremely Bold aka Black




The ending results showcases both the css and the resulting html file if it were to be run in a browser or something.

This was a fun small design because I was able to reflect at least some form of knowledge that I think the general public can comprehend.

Bruh shall install the nostalgia and fear of all coders in the digital world.