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The Official and 1st Mascot of Arubaito

Chompy The Glutton



Chompy is the embodiment of our sin of gluttony, where he endlessly eats and bites people's heads, softly of course.

Choosing a name wasn't actually too difficult as I feel that this character was destined to be named Chompy. The name itself is what people might consider as "cute", however it is quite menacing because it means he is the eater of worlds.


Way back in 2012, one of my best friends was obsessed with StarCraft and shared this YouTube Channel to me. 

The channel's name was Carbot Animations and one of the characters drawn was a Zergling

Back then, I was into drawing all these characters/creatures and drew up my "own version" of this Zergling and also drew him a friend.

I think the reason why there were hearts because the main character was someone who wore a scarf that was knitted from his mother or something and that the scarf transforms into these creatures when in combat. I think that was the origin story.

Anyways the concept of Chompy happened to be from the other character, the one with the large mouth, and I started from there.


So I wanted Chompy to be special and drew a few mockups to reflect on that matter. 

I think the concept I was intially going was this idea that Chompy is actually made from a few organic blocks and these blocks rearrange themselves depending on what emotion he is feeling.

If he is angry for example, his legs will look similar to square wheels and his tail will look like a shark's tail as well.

If he is neutral, his tail will look like a stack of building blocks.

However after a few more rendition, it became evident this concept was a little much.

And in the design below the circled Zergling, I felt that this is the most appropriate early prototype of the set as this version of Chompy only needed ears, two legs, and a huge mouth.

For the shirt design, I decided to simplify that concept even further


To tell the buyers that he is the representation of Gluttony, I made Chompy's debut as a shirt into this.

For people who are curious of what Chompy looks like irl, I had made a model that you can check out in here

Overall I am satisfied with Chompy's Debut, I was able to get a decent amount of feedback from people who loves Chompy.

When you wear this shirt, people shall bow down to you, for they see the chosen one Chompy.