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3 birds vibing in the heat

It's a Byrd, It's a Plaine, and It's a Coco.



Coco and the boys are the embodiment of what people call the "Hot Boy Summer"

Coco was a name given to a bird I designed because he looks like a Coconut. I mean I guess it could have been called Summer or Boys, however I don't want to necessarily throw off the important message of the shirt by giving it such a basic name.



*Insert Picture of Chris's Coconut in Book 2

I was looking through my old sketchbook and came across of a Coconut tree drawn by my friend. The amount of lines used to detail the shape of the leaves, to the circular shape of the Coconut gave me the idea of another Perspective drawing.

What if I want people to assume that in the front view it looks like a Coconut Tree, but it happens to be three Birds flying over an object?

Thus started my nature walk in drawing sketches in my sketchbook.

So basically I want to draw three birds who have different positions in the wing flapping motion. This would formulate one Coconut while having six Leaves for the tree.

I then went with an idea of using a Gold Pot with a rainbow to becomes the base of the tree, as if it is being planted in a huge plant plot.

However, I didn't really like that idea and did another mock up later on.

I mean it became evident that I think it is almost useless to continue drawing the sketchbook, thus I went into Illustrator and drew the mockups from there

I first just drew a Palm Tree with a single Coconut and drew a face. This actually worked pretty well because without the face, I can definitely see a coconut tree. 

Afterwards I decided to draw the other birds and started with this.

Drawing the wings of the birds were the tough part, therefore I was lazy and copied and pasted the wings. After flipping it, I then colored it red so when I go on Photoshop, I can cut off the excess from the new wing.

I still didn't know what to do with the "palm" of the design and kind of make it look like a "Rainbow with no color".

I eventually drew up this Billboard to go with the "rainbow" and treat it more like it holds the Billboard up.

I think after all of this, the design is ready, but what do typical Summer Shirts have?


Well the answer is a goofy text writing stuff like "Summer With The Boys" and that's exactly what I did

And on the back I basically wrote Summer Vibes only, Fall Vibes are not Welcome because usually you associate Fall with School and no one likes School.

An easy design I made in a day, however I had this idea since April.

I hope that before Summer ends that this sells decently, but tbh I don't plan to sell Collection 3 stuff until the middle of Fall.

Coco reminds men of the good times back in the day, while annoying women who have to deal with men talking about wrestling alligators when they were 15.