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The Context Will Only Make Sense As A Shirt



Context serves as a point of reference, where it utilizes our experience and knowledge to construct our own interpretation of a certain matter.

In this case, I wanted to start my series of Clothing-Exclusive design by asking what makes a t-shirt unique compared to something like a painting.

Therefore creating the Context began to form and gave me the solution to this question.


Funny thing was I accidentally discovered this design.

When I was working on Collection 3's mascot, Teary, I drew up this small mockup that would eventually lead to a design.

Originally I wanted Teary to have this design related to censorship and how tragedies that we experience are often covered up by joyous moments.

However, I think that's a little too personal and be a little controversial, therefore I scrapped that idea. However, this developed the building blocks of Context because I was able to see something that I will explain later.


To start out the design, I first constructed one of the columns in the drawing.

Basically a single rectangle with proceeding rectangles with a "depth" element.

And then I added another column that is basically reversed and added a red circle

This is what I considered a complete design, however I also want to confused the people who buy the shirt. I want to add a distraction element to move away the focus of the design, therefore I added some tiny details to bring this diversion to life.


By adding these lines, I was able to fool my friends from understanding the design. I had to explain every single one of them of what it is supposed to resemble and they were like "Ohhh I get it now". 

And now I want my consumers to ask themselves the following question.

What is this design supposed to represent?

My only hint I will give is that this design wouldn't make sense as a painting.

The design will only make sense as a shirt.

Context is truly a piece that will make us observant of the environment around us.