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Fold The Thing To Fold Into The Thing



Fold creates an inception of folding shirts into shirts that humans can't comprehend.

I guess there were a good number of potential names. It could have been called Shirt, or Inception, or even Fake. However, Fold fits the narrative perfectly due to referencing the most important skill in origami, folding.



While I was finishing up Collection 1, my mom told me to do something related with clothes, so I sighed and complained and decided to fold some shirts due to not finding hangars.

What eventually happened was that I accidentally folded my shirt to look like it had a collar and gave me the idea to search up what Shirt origami looks like. I then saw this video and decided to watch it for research purposes.

"How to Make a Paper Shirt" by MR.CREATOR


Honestly one of the easiest designs I have done, besides Expressions.

I essentially watched the video, folded my own version, and then reverse the process to draw out the steps to then refold my paper into a shirt. I then tried to fold a shirt into a shirt, and it kinda worked, but it did end up being hard to fold after a few steps.

However, I did realize I need to label the number of steps needed, therefore I basically took words from the Japanese Kanji and wrote these out

It does look a little messy, however when I downscale it in the final design, it looks rather nice.

Moving forward, I decided to go for a more "hand-made" type of design, kind of similar to a typical DYI, because I believe it gives more of a comfort type of feeling, therefore all the dotted lines and arrows are things I drew.

And then the rest is pretty easy to work on, which lead to six total steps.


Thus is the finished product. The white represents the front side, while the gray represents the back side of the paper to make it simple to follow and comprehend the instructions.

Overall I do feel Fold could be improved slightly, where it teaches you how to fold a shirt into a shirt, but I will consider a redesign in the future.

When this design gets into the market, it will surely Fold into your view.