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The Official Logo of Arubaito

Anger Reflection Blessed Tactful



Logo serves as a visual guide for the traits of Anger, Calm, Joy, and Observant.

I mean what else could it be named? It's literally the 4 Logos I utilize for Arubaito inc.   

I guess I could have named it something like "Company", but it doesn't really roll of the tongue as much as a one syllable word.


*Disclaimer: Coincidental Design Concepts

Before anyone accuses me, I did not copy Toradora's Logo design. I haven't watched that show until a few months after I designed my logos. It was a mere coincidence. I also recommend watching the show.

Anyways, when I was designing the concept of the Logo, I wanted to convey different emotions pertaining designs. For example Wash was a t-shirt meant to mildly infuriate people, therefore I wanted to show Anger by using the color red.

What ended up happening is that I took the word アルバイト and separated the words into the following: ア、ル、バ、イト, which ended up me making 4 separate logos to be utilized to represent Arubaito.

The emotions would eventually be represented as Anger, Calm, Joyful, and Observant.


To convey these listed emotions, I wanted to correlate them with the color and a design associated with them. For example, is colored in this Bright Red scheme to grab that fiery Anger in people's hearts.

As for Calm, it is more of an idea that when people look at the design, it is just casual and people would be chilled with it. Nothing that will bring a strong emotion, but it is just relaxing to look at in a way. Therefore I chose an almost mellowed-out/Dull Blue color for  to represent that humbleness compared to the others.


Now  is the polar opposite. Because it represents Joyfulness, it really wants to compete with ア as the most energetic letter of the group. Any designs associated are meant to have people go "Aww" or "That's wholesome"

Therefore I went with a very Light Pink color to make sure バ doesn't end up blinding people in public.

What is interesting to note that バ  would indeed look like , therefore I ended up completely cutting out the left side of バ  and only displaying the 3 lines at the right side.

Finally イト ending up with two characters instead of one. I would like to think of this as the parent characters since they represent Observant, making sure the other characters don't go crazy. With Observant designs, they are meant for people to come up with their own interpretations or observe the theme that it is trying to convey. Therefore in this 1st rendition, I went with the color Black. It truly stands out as the Serious Color.

Finally I want to discuss how I handled the font of the word being spelled out, both arubaito and アルバイト.

Basically did this simple trick on PhotoShop, where I typed the word, and then copy and paste it to overlay itself with a different color. The final result ends up being this almost "3-D" effect for the company's name

Blue and Purple

Pink and Red

Purple and Pink

Red and Blue

As you may have noticed, there is a Neutral Purple color, rather than the color Black because that color is simply too strong and overshadows everything it touches.

Afterwards I combined the Katakana with the Logos to create this.


I ended up changing イト to the specified Purple color mentioned above.

And then I ended up redoing all 4 characters when I was making a business card to have them look neater and look similar to the characters they represent.

And then I reincorporated the Katakana with the 4 Logos to create the following

I also changed the scheme to the Red and Blue since it has a stronger contrasts, which presents better on the shirt.

And with this, I present to you the official Logo of Arubaito.

I would say not too shabby and can definitely see the branding being carried by this collective monstrosity.