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Not In Education, Employment, Or Training



NEET is the constant nag that we remind ourselves to be productive, yet we choose to ignore it. 

If this shirt represents one thing, it is my endless procrastination when it comes to doing school work or personal projects. There was this word that was being thrown around to describe the type of people that are either quite lazy in life or extremely unfortunate.

NEET stands for No Employment Education or Training to describe a person who never had a job, never went to school, and never trained themselves. 


It first started out with me trying to draw a concept for the word LOOK

However I already designed something related to looking, which was Negative from Collection 1.

Therefore I had to brainstorm some other word that is interesting, while representing my own personality.

I didn't really think about much about the word NEET until I watched a particular anime

Basically the premise of this show is that a sextuplet are a bunch of NEETS and we look into their everyday lives of greed, impotence, and laziness. This show has garnered 3 seasons, so I guess they do got an audience that enjoy watching the concept of NEETS.

So I then reflect that upon myself and ask, what qualities would I have that will match this concept of a NEET.

And coming to realize that I never pursued a degree in Graphic Design, I never was hired anything related to Graphic Design, and I never hired anyone to teach me anything in Graphic Design. Therefore in a sense, I am a NEET, unfortunately...


I basically started out by working on the name itself

Went on my sketchbook and did a small mockup

I noticed that the letters and E utilize some form of straight lines and created the following

As you can see that the red and yellow blocks are the same shape, just utilized in different angles. But then came the tricky park, which is implementing the rest of the letters.


The usage of the dotted lines make sense. Essentially telling people that the designs were set, but not completed. However, I don't know if it serves as an asset or a nuisance for the design. Therefore I prototyped a little further and came up with the conclusion that it serves as a nuisance for the overall design.

I think this looks cleaner, however it doesn't shout the work of a NEET necessarily. Although there is the lack of color in the E and T, it doesn't show that whoever worked on this is lazy, since coloring is such an easy task.


Therefore I ended up just completely going with a singular to add a small mystery for the consumers of what the shirt could be saying.

I also asked myself, well is that it? And I want to represent someone who wants to try to be productive is the one who is making the design. Therefore I wanted to implement sticky notes to describe the personality of the designer.

This is to provide the context that this person keeps notes, however some notes are practically crumbled up and such.

Thus the ending result is the following

This is the only design where I don't know if it is "finished" I am leaning on whether or not to keep the sticky notes.


After thinking for a moment, I think it's better to keep the sticky notes, but reduce it to only one.

This helps elevate the design by providing this question, what will the logo look like at the end? Unfortunately because it was worked on by a NEET, we won't know.

This design is frustrating due to how many prototypes I made. Every prototype ended up in a failure due to the sizing of the objects, to the placings for each of the notes.

However at the end of the day, I was able to bring out the most of the design by not only adding elements, but removing them when it became too distracting.

Hopefully I hope this designs remind people of how we are all somewhat of a NEET and that we will continuously procrastinate even after we meet our end.