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Chompy strikes again with a PSA about Borrowing






Pirate acts as the spirit that causes mischief in the world, from looting from plastic pirate ships, to downloading illegal Steam games off the web. The name didn't come up until I finished the design of the shirt as I had a completely different idea.

However, the word Pirate seems to be thrown around in the modern age due to how many people would download products for free in a regular basis.

Thus we act as if this action isn't too bad because it is available on the web, when it really is considered a cyber-crime.


As the final design of this collection, I wanted to go back to the whole "Clothing Exclusive Designs", therefore I decided to tackle the pocket of a shirt.

The two early designs revolve on Chompy from Collection 2.

Either Chompy sits in the pocket and breaks it, or he wears it as a mask.

Although I do think both ideas are good. I don't think they are original.

Thus I went to the approach that Chompy is a Pirate and stole it as loot, however I needed to create a victim.


Meet Wormy, not to be confused with Wormy from SpongeBob; Wormy is a small worm who wanted to sleep after working a 9-5 job at the Dirt Inc.

His wife doesn't let him sleep with her because he snores a lot, therefore he has to sleep on the ground with a futon and a blanket.

One day Wormy was about to go to sleep, however he noticed his blanket was missing and there was a note left for him.

It was borrowed by Chompy... and that night Wormy caught a cold.

But who is this Chompy you say, why he is the most notorious pirate in the 2 seas.

This was the first rendition of Chompy with a simple design including the hat and a hook. He used the blanket as the eyepatch for his costume.


There weren't many changes really needed since the design itself is complete.

Basically show that the Note is left in front of Wormy on the front side.

With Chompy saying that "Borrowing Is Good" because he believes what he is doing is borrowing. Pirates also say that, but they usually end up not returning of the overdue product.

This design was probably the "easiest" one I have done so far. I basically drew this up in an hour after completing Coco.

Pirate teaches an important to kids and adults that one should borrow Arubaito Inc products and to never steal like an actual Pirate.