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Btw a Reflection will exist if you own a mirror, a car, or a puddle outside.



Reflection is a feedback that affects our perception of what we see visually and what we feel internally.

Before, I wanted to just called this Ambigram, however due to my lack of research/practice, I wasn't able to achieve a complete Ambigram.

Therefore I went with a name that has a similar concept to what an Ambigram is.

With Reflection, a mirror draws out the max potential of the design due to our brain preventing us from seeing the true picture. 


*Insert Photo of Illusion Book

It all started in 2020, when I went to a store named Aldi's with a friend of mine. In the store, they have all these types of books and products for a very affordable price. I looked into the book section and saw a particular Illusion book that was fascinating. 

Inside the Illusion Book, I eventually read about a man named Scott Kim, who specializes in designing stuff called Ambigrams.

This is an example of one of his works "math magic". Basically the way it works is that if you were to flip the word "math", it will appear as the word "magic".

This was extremely fascinating for me and I decided to embark my own adventure to achieve a design of his caliber.


I wanted to take the words Arubaito and Part-Time as the two words to be an "inverse" of each other. However that proves to be difficult as the letters don't really pair well together.

In an attempt to figure out the similarities, I essentially created this diagram to list the 8 possible combinations, between the normal and reflective states of the words.

Eventually I came up with my first iteration looking like this.

In this attempt, I can somewhat construct the word Part from the letters BAIT. However this serves as a problem due to me having a hard time forming the word Time from the letters ARU.

I eventually went on my sketchbook and wrote some more iterations, since it gives me more creative freedom compared to a program.

Well there is a bunch of mumble jumble due to this being a "brainstorm" page. 

Eventually I ended up with the word "Time" to match with the letters ARUB.

And this is where I have to cut off from a traditional ambigram because now I have the letter B appear twice in the ambigram of the words Part and Time.

I basically went on Illustrator and initially drew these mock-ups. Trying to see if my theory works. I somewhat got a result, but the most annoying letter is the M.

I had a working prototype for the word time, and I asked people on Instagram if they see the letter M. The first reaction was a complete bust.

Clearly the problem is the letter M, therefore I made another iteration and asked again

This feedback is drastically better, but doesn't feel that it is final. To confirm my suspicion, I asked if the letter M was the issue.

The one person who said no is a troll and just said no to everything. So technically 100% of the people said yes, M is the major problem.

The letter M serves as the main villain in this story because it caused me to invest 5 extra hours to continue prototyping until I have a satisfied product.

Eventually I made up this prototype and I definitely feel it works.

To the people who said No, you guys are stubborn or can't read.

Anyways I managed to get the final design to look like this.


The only changes I made are for making the design look neater.

And the secret to this, if you wear the shirt and hold it to a Mirror. It will create this.

The word Part-Time will appear in red at the bottom of the image. And thus concludes my long journey in handling the concept of a semi-ambigram.

One of the toughest designs I encountered due to the many constraint I dealt with. Nevertheless, I had a huge satisfaction after testing this on a mirror.

With Reflection, it will awaken users the ability to analyze oneself from the past, to apply those lessons in the present, and ultimately to formulate a good future.