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An Analysis Of Design Over Time


Time conveys the comparison of hand-made techniques utilized in the past to the influence of technology in the future.

The way I see technology today, is that due to their integration in our every day lives, we allow them to take up most of our efforts when it comes to performing tasks. As they become more convenient, we tend to forget on the efforts of what we made in the past.


As I was designing shirts, multiple of my friends asked me to make a design to commemorate Auburn, Alabama, the hometown I was raised in. Therefore the first thing that came into my mind was the Clock Tower in Samford Hall.

This is what I consider the "spirit" of Auburn and it wouldn't feel right if I didn't do a design base off the memorable Tower.

I started off by taking a photo from the web and decided on an angle that would fit my design regime.

I actually like this angle because it is able to capture two sides of the Clock Tower which is important for my concept. Note that this is also the angle that Auburn uses for their logo.



I essentially went on Illustrator and just eye-traced the clock tower. One notable change was that the Clock Tower had the 4 directions at the top. I changed them into the Japanese kanji counterparts.


And then I started hand-drawing the left side, which took a decent time due to the amount of details on the Tower...

But then proceeding the right side was utilizing tools that made the job much easier.

I wanted to try to incorporate like a Hourglass into the design, such as being the clock for the right side, however it didn't work out due to me wanting to match the left and right side.

I eventually got more of the work done with this as the result.

Where I wanted the right side to have the following information.

Weather, Date, Virtual Billboard for ads, and obviously the Time in both analog and digital.

The Sponsor message says

Toomer's Corner

War Eagle!

A reference to an iconic store in Auburn Downtown with the slogan for Auburn's Football Team


I did some minor changes as I feel the clock itself looks a little weird, and made some minor adjustments for cleaner design overall

It was fun to reference Auburn as it was a place that I have lived for over 20 years. Now that I have moved on, my past will always be connected with this design.

Time is not only the keeper of the past, but the prophet that will lead us into the future of shirt innovations.