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Now I Know What These Labels Mean

"Wash Carefully, The Magic That Occurs When You Give A Person Just The Correct Info To Comfort Themselves."

-Some Random Poetry I Plagiarized



Wash is a guide for users to understand the endless complexities behind the various labels on a shirt.

It is honestly frustrating sometimes when it comes to dealing with clothes. There are instances where the shirt shrinks due to random sessions of drying, or that the color of the shirt gets ruined and spreads to your other shirts. Always remember to read the Wash labels of your shirts and don't forget to separate your colors from whites.


Whenever I prototype for shirts, they end up being more expensive than ones I buy regularly. Therefore I always worry that I will somehow screw it up when it comes to washing and drying them. I then explored the immense jungle known as wash labels, however I cannot decipher the meanings behind these runes.

Therefore I searched the web and found this guide over here

It is just a general list of the definitions of labels. And then I cross-reference to the shirt I was using, which was Gildan, and then found the following.

Thus started my design for Wash


I essentially remade every symbol using illustrator, since they are just basic shapes.

But the question was, "Am I just going to use just wash labels in my design?", and I do think it does lack a little pizzazz. Therefore I basically searched up what Gildan is in Japanese and it was the following.


However I didn't want to get sued, therefore I changed it from Girudan to Kirutan


It holds the same vibe, while acting as a parody company. Please don't sue me Gildan

After a little work I end up making the following

As you may have noticed, there are two labels that are the same.

30 Celsius = 80 Fahrenheit Therefore you ask, why did I do that?

Well the answer is that I needed 6, but Gildan only had 5 wash labels, so I essentially copied and pasted the Wash label, drew the kanji, and created a 6th wash label.


There really wasn't any need for change as the design was simple and easy to make, however I did feel it needed some colors, therefore I made a version with the logo colors.

Overall I enjoy making this design, although it may not be effective with the current brand I use, Next Level, I do think some of the information will still be useful and fun to look at.

Buy this for your kid so that your shirts won't get ruined and Washed up.