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Guest asked in Science > Philosophy > Life:

"Is Water Wet?"

10 Answers





Wet is a simple name to describe a scenario in which people say that water itself is wet.

The original name was going to be Wet Water, however I wanted to keep the consistency of collection 1 to only have singular word names, therefore I ended up naming it only as Wet.


It all started when I was on my laptop playing with PhotoShop back in 2019. I don't exactly remember what initially caused me to start this concept, but I think I saw a wet floor sign and then asked myself, "What if I make a design that says Water is Wet." Because back then, I remembered I had an argument with one friend discussing that important question and it ended in a draw.

So I searched up an image of a wet floor sign and chose this one.

And then soon after I noticed that the platform the person is slipping off is a flat surface and that gave me the idea to imagine the person in this picture to be falling off a surfboard while riding a wave.


In this photo I removed the watermark of the company, made the color of the back just a dark yellow color and obviously adding the wave and customizing the board, while adding the font "WET WATER".

However issues began to rise. The design of the sign itself is too detailed and would not work as a shirt. The colors surrounding the black colors is very saturated and overall ruins the design of the shirt.

Even the edges are very scuffed and were hard to deal with when actually seeing my first few prototypes. This is my first time prototyping and fixing these issues were such a hassle where I ended up be going almost pixel fixing the colors.


After dealing with the problems above I managed to come up with this final design.

The major changes I made besides fixing the saturated color problem was lightening the main yellow color. One problem I encountered in the prototype was that using a medium to dark yellow gives more a gold color and ends up looking like a discontinued wet floor sign. 

Rather than looking like a dull piece of plastic, I want my design to shine and have everyone stare that water is indeed wet. 

Simplifying the overall structure wasn't too bad as it only required me to just take a botch of an area and color it. 

Overall I am very satisfied with the result and this marks the 1st shirt of Arubaito Inc. 

A shirt designed to mildly infuriate people.